Our Services

Social Care and Social Services

Many activity we had done for the children of orphanage at occasion like Diwali, Eid, Christmas Day. We distributed the sweets & gifts to kids. Our Basic motto was to provide them happiness for what they are deprived off, we showed them an Animated Movie and then moving forward to Sketching Competition in which all children took active part and presented us their hidden skills which was actually commendable.

Training and Education

Nathmal Ojha Memorial Educational Society (NOMES) was bent on finding the silver-lining. It anticipated a spectacular future for Animation, IT and IT Security in its mythology-enchanted motherland. Adapting global trends, NOMES hastened to master the nuances of Training. Ever since, it has been a saga of creating winning careers. In the years gone by, NOMES MAAC grew from strength to strength. From being the front-runner in Animation Education in North India, the institute forged its way to the forefront of the field in the country.

2D and 3D Animation Development

Animation has become an integral part of television production these days. Not only television but it is also widely used in Print, Web, Gaming, Architectural Walkthroughs, E-learning and many more. We take pride in being a long runner in 3D Animation contents i.e. from Modeling, Texturing, Rigging to Animation and Dynamics we specialize in all department with a dedicated

Graphics and Web Designing

Graphics are an integral part of your company and it sets the tone of your company. The quality of graphics we use put the company apart from its competitors. We specialize in all kinds of design related services i.e. Graphic Design for Corporate & Brand Identities i.e. Logo designing, Visiting Cards, Poster designing, Brochures, Catalogues and Handouts and also designing campaigns for marketing etc.
Designing a web is an important part of corporate communication. People assess your company based on the website design of the company so it is important that it should reflect the style and standard of your company. We take good care in providing right solution to the client based on their needs in the right budget.